Monday, September 26, 2016

As American as Apple Pie

The 2nd Quadrennial

As American as Apple Pie

On his birthday Woody Meiszner held a party in his barn and invited the Temple-Sharon-New Ipswich democrats. We all enjoyed a slice of homemade apple pie with coffee and hot cider, and a chance to meet the candidates.

In October of 2012 Woody Meiszner hosted the first  apple pie summit in his barn in New Ipswich, NH

In 2012 Annie Kuster was running for Representative of New Hampshire's Second District, She won and is running for reelection in 2016
For a small donation I got an official Blue-Pon good for some pie and coffee

Grassroots politics New Hampshire style

Dan Weeks is running for Exectutive Council in 2016
Signing up

Steve Shurleff running for NH Speaker of the House

Senator Peggy Gilmour candidate for NH Senate District 12

Lee Nyquist  candidate for NH Senate District 9
Dan Weeks running for Executive Council

Homemade pies were delicious

Garth Corriveau candidate for Hillsborough County Attorney

Kermit Williams

New Hampshire State Representative-District 4 (Francestown, Greenville, Lyndeborough, Wilton)

Carol Roberts running for NH House

Campaign manager for Annie Kuster

Richard McNamara running for reelection - NH House Hillsborough Distirct 38
Susan Ladmer running for Hillsborough County Commissioner

Lisa Beaudoin candidate for State House District 25

Laura Lynch candidate for the NH House (Hillsborough District 25)

(L-R) Lisa Beaudoin  and Laura Lynch -  NH House (Hillsborough District 25)

Woody's Barn 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Look What I Saw at the Green Center - Old Stuff Edition

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Good morning,

The Green Center had some interesting items that appeared this weekend. This is a look at some of the older items that arrived.

Couroc Tray

Formed by Guthrie Courvoisier, owner of Courvoisier Galleries in San Francisco the Couroc Company (1948-1990s) was a Monterey California company that produced many different types and shapes of trays, boxes, ashtrays and glassware from 1948 until their closure.. Courvoisier developed a secret formula for phenolic resin which was molded into these item. Designs were created with metals such as this owl which could be embedded into the material.

Couroc of California pieces were the wedding and shower present of choice from 1950’s to the 1980’s.


We get old books on a regular basis but this won the prize from 1864, wonder if anything has changed in the Congress since then

 Antique Plate

Antique Plate

Curious why this plate is marked Antique Ivory, was it an antique when it was first fired? One of the many mysteries of the Green Center

Collection Letter

Inside the 1864 book I found a letter from the publisher of The Gospel Banner. The Gospel Banner was a family paper "devoted to universalism, moral reform, literature, education, agriculture and news". He was writing a subscriber asking for payment explaining that he has just purchased new type.  Not exactly a form letter. The good news is that he was paid as indicated in this receipt . 

The Staples family finall paid their bill. The Gospel Banner was in operation from 1842 - 1897.
Notice the nice typeset

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Drought 2016 - Lower Purgatory Falls

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During my vacation week I took the short hike along the MacLellan Trail to Lower Purgatory Falls. I realized that the drought would have reduced the flow and the falls would be merely a trickle. However it was even drier than I suspected.

MacLellan Trial is an easy short hike. However it is not marked very well and numerous paths branch out as you approach the falls. It was dry as can be and I think these leaves just gave up for the year.

A waterfall in which no water falls - Lower Purgatory Falls. Howerver it does have a puddle.

It is common to find ferns growing in leaf litter on rocks in the deep forest. These are severly distressed by the drought.

The upper part of the falls, you can see the waterline on the stones

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Photo Not Taken - Playful Otters

“The best traveler is one without a camera.” 

We got some rain last night and it was misting when we went for our morning walk along Smithville Reservoir. My camera is not weather-proof so I decided to leave it at home.

I've noticed that whenever I am about without a camera something happens and today was no exception. At this location a family of otters peeked at us from the water, They took their time posing and being playful. Maybe next time.
If I had a camera I would have a photo of a family of otters at this location. Imagine they are here.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Drought 2016 - Meadow Brook, New Boston

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In November of 2014 my sister told me of some impressive beaver activity on Meadow Brook in New Boston. There were a number of large felled trees and and extensive dam that had created a large flooded area. I was curious to see what effect the current drought had on this habitat.

In November of 2014, a large flooded area along Meadow Road in New Boston. In this photo the beaver lodge is visible.

These creatures have impressive teeth

Animal chainsaws

The waters edge marks the beaver dam

In September of 2016 the entire area has been reclaimed by grass

The lack of water allowed me to get up close to a winterberrry shrub (Ilex verticillata) a wonderful wetland native holly

A new view of the beaver dam (right side). The soil had a bit of moisture but there was no sign of running water.

Two years of weather