Friday, August 18, 2017

156th Children's Fair Setup Week

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It was a busy week at the New Ipswich Congregational Church in preparation for the 156th Children's Fair.

Some repairs needed for the tables in the Garden Shop

Hanging around

Wrestling apart the can bins

I got caught on camera when I went for some pizza 
Caleb has some pizza

Marking the parking area at Woody's field

Parking area

Church Garden

Setting up the clothes racks

Sorting books

Bruce finished a handrail for new steps

A visitor to the book shop

Moving day

Heavy lifting

Thursday, August 17, 2017

See the Eclipse SAFELY!

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Are you ready for the eclipse on August 21, 2107?  I did consider traveling to a location of totality but based on my misses with the Perseid Meteor showers, I decided to stay put. Whenever some astronomical event happens, it is cloudy or rainy.

I'll be outside at 14:45 with my camera, welder's glass, binoculars and a homemade pin-hole device. I won't look at the sun, or point my camera at it, burning out the sensor and my eyes. I will use the binoculars as a projector as my son did in 1994.

May 10, 1994 - New Ipswich

Do birds foul their nests?

I tried to get a photo of an adult barn swallow feeding its young. They move quickly so I took a rapid burst of photos. It was dark and I was quite far away so I wasn't able to see details  in the viewfinder. When I cropped the shot I realized I was being "mooned" by one the chicks. When the series of photos were animated, it is obvious why that chick was facing backwards. At least the nest stays clean.

I wondered why this baby swallow was mooning me, I soon found out why (see video below)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Vilia Adventures with Elmo and Gracie

It was great meeting up with my cousin in Maine, played some tunes, had some laughs and reminisced about some crazy times.They have been on a 2.5 year adventure in a mobile home and I took a tour. I'll give some background taken from their excellent blog Vilia Adventures.

Hello Maine

"Wow, long time between posts. We are entrenched in our campground in Maine. Kokatosi Camp, in Casco, (or maybe Raymond, ME). We are 4 miles from the family compound. It is my sister and brother-in-laws place on a lovely feeder lake to the greater Sebago Lake water basin. It has been, over the many years, a "compound" like the Bush presidential family have at Kennebunkport, Maine. Well, it is a little less glam but no less beautiful. Our extended family has been drawn here since the purchase 49 years ago. My Sis and Bro in law have been the most gracious of hostess/host for those 49 years as this extended family has been drawn to this place.  Maine is a treasure trove of lovely, fresh water. The lake my sister's cabin is on is spring fed. No river comes in, but one goes out. In the swimming area in the front of the cabin there are half dozen or so springs that come up. You go out to 5 foot depth or so off shore and the water temp fluctuates like crazy as you float or swim by, as the cold water from deep earth makes its way to surface in spots. The clarity is sensational. There are fewer and fewer places on earth like this and it is a treasure. Pristine. We are so happy to be here for an extended time. Living Maine in the summer. It is a wonderful treat and a fine place to begin the closure to our 2.5 year full time adventure with our RV, "Vilia". Amazing to us we began this journey July 2015, leaving our home of 30 years in St Helena, CA and wandering off to see a great part of this superb USA.
I have said in prior posts, but the one top takeaway from our journey is the RV difference of visiting places via car, motel, etc.,  versus  living them due to the fact, in your RV,  you bring your home with you.
No unpack/repack, wardrobe is in our closet, fridge with your own food, kitchen at hand. TV brings in local TV feeds via cable at camp or our satellite TV receiver.
So here we are, at home, in Casco, ME, spending most every day at the lake cabin.
Maine, in my youth, had the slogan of, "Vacationland For All".  Maybe too many people showed up but some years ago they changed it to, "Life As It Should Be". I love it this time of year. But, come January I'm thinking maybe " life as it should be" should be somewhere south.
Oh, but it is so fine now."
American Gothic - Gracie and Elmo aka Cathy and Bob

All the comforts of home including Mike Pence on C-Span

The sides expand for a full room

Wine is essential, cushion it with styrofoam

The master bedroom on the second floor

Spacious Shower

We had the tour

Bob fabricated the PVC cradles for the "honey tube"


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Poland Spring Preservation Society

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While visiting family in Casco, my cousin's husband took me on a tour of Poland Springs Preservation Park. Beautiful grounds. I didn't see the actual bottling plant which was nearby.

I don't know the purpose of this tower and forgot to ask

Cures gravel?

Ricker family crest "Wisdom is the gift of God"

Modern Logo

When we visited, they were preparing for a wedding

Antique sign

A water closet, powerful flush

Elegance in the rest room

Saxon symbols for Wisdom, Health and Wealth 
This used to be a gift shop and restaurant but didn't have enough patrons. I love the way it looks.

Lighting came from a skylight

"Ken" takes the waters. Look how healthy he looks

The SOURCE, location of the original spring

All Souls Chapel also on the grounds

Interior of All Soul's Chapel

Interesting architecture

Welcome to Preservation Park

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Hacker's Hill Preserve

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I had a wonderful visit with family at Coffee Pond in Casco, Maine. My cousin's husband introduced me to Hacker's Hill Preserve which was just a short drive from their home. This hill affords a 360 degree view of the foothills of the Appalachian Range and Lake Sebago. It is a popular spot for picnicking.

You can drive to the top of the hill

There is a chapel on the hill and at the base of a statue are a number of memorial artifacts

Looking up at the peak of the hill. The cell towers provide revenue to maintain the preserve

A view from an arbor which often hosts weddings

I am confused since the "well" is not really a well

The three crosses

The statue (detail)


What a view

The folks were walking their Dogue de Bordeaux

Memorial for Hacker A. Hall (1918 - 2000)

Vine Covered Arbor

Cross created from a tree struck by lightning

Faded photo showing the lightning struck tree