Saturday, December 16, 2006

Welcome to 2008

One of the joys of living in New Hampshire is our tenuous hold on the "First in the Nation" presidential primary. Imagine my surprise when I received an invitation from the few democrats in town to meet and greet New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. I like this guy, he has an impressive resume and was genuine and charming. Just recently he met with the North Koreans, whom he considers a bit crazy but in spite of that opinion, believes that you need to talk to your adversaries. He was in New Ipswich because of a local friend (he was best man at their wedding). The venue was quite impressive, there were buses from Manchester, the New Mexico state police (undercover) as security, a heated outside tent, live music, a delicious catered meal and a bar. I had an opportunity to talk to the Governor and was impressed to find that he considers energy independence to be a national security issue. He gave a nice short speech and mentioned that he will be making his mind about running after the Christmas holidays (he will run... trust me). More updates to follow.

Gov Bill Richardson did run for President
Photo taken in Greenville, NH
July 3, 2007