Friday, February 16, 2007

Overhyped Nor-easter has come and gone

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Wasn't it warm and cozy during December and January? I was enjoying the fruits of all that global warming. Then Valentine's day reminded us that it is winter. If you watched the news you would think that it was a new ice age. Weatherpeople with yardsticks and videos of jacknifed trucks. If you live in upstate NY then you really have a problem because the cold winds blowing over a thawed great lakes can produce an awesome snowfall. We get a similar effect with a Nor-easter which spirals in ocean moisture. I have the great option of working at home during inclement weather. I can't tell you how great that is. Not only do I work at home, but I have a window facing bird feeders. Samantha (cat formerly known as Paris) finds birds to be quite interesting. Sam is an inside cat, I've had my fill of animal attacks, car accidents and other mishaps.

I've noticed something interesting. Apparently the warm weather has made it easy for some of the birds to hang around. Can anyone explain why I see robins (harbingers of spring) hanging around in 12 degree weather? These are fat little things and they are dining on Holly berries.

I do get the regular winter visitors. Chickadees, Titmouse, and flocks of wild turkeys. I actually ate lunch on the picnic table in December, but alas winter has arrived.

This is the most under-used item in the yard. When the thaw occurs, the clouds of black flies and mosquitoes make outdoor dining impossible

Yup, a robin... no migration for them