Sunday, March 04, 2007

What's for dinner? Roast Mouse?

I first became aware of a problem when I preheated the oven to heat some tortillas. I noticed smoke billowing from every opening of the stove. I assumed that it was a small grease spill that would quickly burn off.
After I was forced to open the windows I realized that I needed to find a remedy. There was no sign of a spill on the floor of the oven so I removed the bottom panel. There was no spill beneath the panel. It was then that I noticed an "object" lodged between the bottom panel and a plate of metal that acts as a flame spreader. When my wife asked "How did grease get in there?" I had the realization that maybe it had crawled in there. There is not much left of our visitor after several bakings but some whiskers and the hind legs were clearly visible.
I had a little chat with our 3 cats about their responsibility on maintaining a vermin free environment. Bon App├ętit!