Monday, April 02, 2007

Obama stops by in Peterborough, NH

2008 is just around the corner. Here come the candidates! I received an email this morning that presidential candidate Barack Obama was going to make an unofficial stop in nearby Peterborough. He was going to get something to eat at the Peterborough diner and visit the bookstore before heading off to a town meeting in Keene, NH. The Peterborough Diner has served as a backdrop to many a candidate. It is a classic diner with ornate gold lettering on a green background. The typical scenario involves the candidate stopping in a diner (usually during the breakfast hour) and chatting with the locals about weighty issues. Out of camera range there are the media consultants, the satellite trucks and the entourage of interns handing out buttons and stickers. Thankfully none of that was evident on this visit.

My impression is that the guy does have great people skills. He did a good job with the crowds (poor John Kerry lacked that). I'm a sucker for political celebrities, so I put down my $25 (no sales tax in NH) to buy his book and got him to sign it. This isn't just a ploy to immediately resell it on eBay, I think the guy has an interesting personal history and I intend to read the book before I resell it on eBay.