Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Nor'easter - too much rain

April Flooding 2007

We are having a pre-wedding party this saturday in New Boston. In addition to planning a menu and decorations, we now need to think about washed out roads and bridges. The Piscataqua river has overflowed it's banks into town, flooding businesses and destroying some of the roads. When my mother settled into town she was considering one of the homes located along this river but wisely chose a location on higher ground. Thankfully the predictions for the weekend are for warm sunny weather.

We have the advantage of living upstream. The head waters of the Souhegan river originate in New Ipswich. There are several flood control dams that slow the flow into the towns located downstream. We take a morning walk along a trail that circles the dam. The entire trail and part of the overflow area is now underwater.