Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sicko and the "Topsy-Turvy" Bus

My sister is always full of suprises. The latest is driving a "moving billboard" demonstrating the enormous amount that is spent on defense spending. This billboard is the "topsy-turvy" bus which consists of two actual school buses joined together. The bad news is that it is top heavy, the worse news is the obscene amount spent on defense, the good news is that it runs on bio-diesel. She parked this in front of the Wilton Theatre for the premiere showing of the documentary "Sicko".

I feel that everyone regardless of their opinion of Michael Moore should view this film. You would have to be dead not to be affected by the content. Afterwards a film discussion group was sponsored by "Woman Making a Difference". A lot of discussion centered around HR Bill 676 sponsered by Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich Former Gubernatorial candidate (1992), and TV talk show host Arnie Arnerson spoke passionately about some personal health issues that she faced during her campaign. I feel that Susan made a valuable contribution during the discussion and I will quote her:

"My thoughts about health care---- I know I am very lucky and blessed and our medical issues have been few and managed with insurance. We have had some denial of treatment, but were able to move through that.... Now I have friends asking frequently ----" when are you going to retire?" And I see that insurance would cost so much to maintain that I wouldn't have any retirement $$ - it would all go to health insurance.. That just doesn't seem right.
So my question is " are we citizens with the right to health care for all OR are we consumers to buy insurance with the "middle man" taking profits and making the decisions to approve or deny care?
Long ago fire protection was paid for privately and those who paid had a medal medallion afixed to their house.. if the firemen came and did not see a medallion, your house burned down.. We are happy that system is gone and service is provided equally for all, like police service and the postal service and the community library. They are not totally flawless, but they function pretty well most of the time!
Are we citizens or consumers?"

Later we headed out to Peterborough to pass the bus to the next driver. This was the evening of the release of the final book of Harry Potter, so the bus had plenty of visitors including the local police. I wasn't concerned about getting my copy because I knew that the Amazon Owl would deliver it on Saturday afternoon ...