Monday, October 22, 2007


I was up in Spofford NH for the weekend of our church Women's retreat will try to send pics as I saw Russ and we went to the Pumpkin Festival with his g'friend and her family.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moving Day.. always an adventure


It's amazing how many times I've spent stuck in a narrow stairwell trying to help negotiate a queen size box spring around a tight corner. In the past we have moved an old player piano (with a cast iron sounding board) which was so heavy that it had it's own gravitational field. I helped once on the moving party of a divorcing couple who fought over the ownership of the furniture. We've have rented trucks of all sizes. One truck contained empty boxes that were marked for biohazards. I have seen the folly of loading a large box with books or records. One time we had to take some time to look for a missing loaded revolver. On the same move we had to disassemble a model railroad table that got stuck while we attempted to move it from an attic. We have lugged couches and chairs over icy and snowy walks. One time we helped move a co-worker out of an apartment on our lunch break. Her lawyer advised her to get out quickly because her roomate was selling drugs. Naturally the roomate arrived during the move. She had an interesting expression on her face as I remember. I have inflicted my own moving pain on friends and family by moving all my cellar junk from the old house to the new house. I also lugged gallons of fuel oil from the old house before we demolished it.

Saturday we had a new adventure when we attempted to bring a loveseat up a narrow staircase in Boston. What I have learned from moving friends and family is that if it is a dorm or apartment, it will always be located on the third floor. There will always be corner and a banister or some other obstacle. After the couch refused to go any further we retreated to the backyard and with the help of ropes, a come along and muscle power the couch was lifted up vertically alongside a very rickety fire escape. The neighboring building was quite close and we successfully avoided destroying an air conditioner which protruded in the couch's flight path. An elderly woman offered the helpful advice that we were "going to die". Thankfully we did not die, the couch suffered a small wound and it looks wonderful in the apartment's living room. When it comes time to move the couch again, I will be using a sawzall with a set of demolition blades. It will leave in pieces.... it won't be pretty

Thursday, October 04, 2007

October Birthdays

October Birthdays

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