Saturday, March 22, 2008

Family Easter Traditions


For many years 4th Street was the epicenter for the holidays. The entire family with all the aunts, uncles, cousins would gather for food, music and fun. This photo was taken in 1949 when the aunts and uncles outnumbered the cousins. That changed quickly in the intervening years. The families have scattered but this traditions live on. Here are a collection of activities for Easter 2008 (the earliest yet!).

"Should I feel guilty that the weather report for Easter here is in the 80s, sunshine a plenty? We’ll be having two families over for eats, preceded by an annual neighborhood egg hunt (“Eastover” as they call it), which continues despite the fact that the kids are all now mostly in their teens. We’re going to be blowing and painting some eggs today. I do have a cold which puts a damper on things, but looking forward to breaking open the patio for the season! California does have its perks.
Love to all, Happy Easter,
Beverly "

"Ok, well we start at 6pm tonight, Chris and I are in the worship team at church so we will be singing and playing the music with our praise and worship band for tonight's service...a very solemn service. Russ will leave to visit Adam and Bren and Regina and Jim for the night in Yorktown, then Russ returns tomorrow when Jim and Reg and Adam and Bren leave for Marblehead, MA to be with Regina's family for Easter..Then Chris and I will attend our monthly church marriage Bible study, I am only making roasted potatoes to go with the Prime Rib dinner. Sunday morning Chris and I will rise before sunrise to help with the music and sunrise service at Cove Island Beach in Stamford. Then we have a quick breakfast prepared by the guys on Sunday morning in the basement of our church and then we all go home to rest up. Chris and me and Russ then pick up his friend in N. Stamford and we drive to KSC in NH, to return them to college for classes that resume on Monday...Chris and I will return hopefully before dark on Sunday night... Happy Easter all... Lisa"

Edwin G -

U2 3D is excellent, playing here in Boston IMAX. Perfect for Easter (?)

Cynthia -

"Easter plans? Mom and I will have kielbasa, hard boiled eggs and babka in
the a.m. after church. Typical for us - not firm yet where we'll be.
Billy and his family, for the first time, will be going to Nancy's sister,
Suzanne's, in Worcester. Her other sister, Jane, and her family moved to
RI from AZ and this is their first Easter back "home". I was going to
have it anyway (used to have Nancy's Mom and Suzanne, but Gloria's passing
and Jane's arrival have changed that), but then Deb said she could have
it. Today I am getting Molly for an overnight and Deb mentioned that it
wouldn't be the same if she had it, so we might be back "on". We'll have
ham. Have all day tomorrow to decide!! We have egg hunt and now that 5
of the grandkids are older, we hide money eggs. Each one finds $10 total
in their eggs. Each one finds a particular color - Drew looks for only
blue, Sean only green, Molly only pink, etc. and there is one very well
hidden large egg with $20 in it. Keeps the older ones interested for
Molly's sake!"

"It will just be Rob and I for a good HoneyBaked ham after I sing at two worship services on Easter morning. (We also do two on Sat night). Will be a quiet afternoon, then on Tuesday Chris will arrive with his girlfriend Erin for the rest of spring break!. They will be in Burke, Va for this weekend, near you Terry! Libby will celebrate out in Sunnyvale, Ca, where it never looks as gray as it does here! Happy , Blessed Easter to you all

"Steve and I are really doing nothing for the first time ever! Justin has to work (bartending at a restaurant/tavern in Chappaqua), so I guess we'll go and have dinner there. I think Nick's coming too. Happy Spring everyone!! I stood an egg on its end, so I know Spring has really arrived...
Love, Gael"

"Up early to see what the Bunny has wrought. Then we'll be taking Emma into DC to catch her bus home in the morning, so M and I will stay in town, have a leisurely lunch, visit the Museum of American Art and the National Portrait Gallery, then head to the Smithsonian to see U2 3D. Grace is opting to hang home and savor the last day of spring break, but I'll plan on a nice, if late, dinner. Happy Easter to all! love,, Terry"

"It's beautiful down here right now - in the 70's and no humidity. I'll probably get my hands dirty and do a little gardening. I have several houseplants that also need some repotting.
Don't worry - the snow will melt by June. -- Pat"

"I'll be heading up to Stamford on Saturday to see Ed, Carolyn & John (and puppy?!), Barbara and Katie. Then, because I've had enough of this weather (though I know the northerners have it worse), I'm heading to Puerto Rico with my boyfriend on Wednesday for a few days. Can't wait!! -- Sarah"

"Our family Easter celebration was last weekend--all our kids, spouses, and kidlets--We had Saturday fun, both inside (coloring eggs with the kids about four dozen--thought of John's and his camouflage, or worse, ones he would bring to Babcia's!) and outside, on rip sticks, bikes, etc.,and a roast beef dinner.
On Sunday, after Palm Sunday mass with some of our grandchildren, we prepared for our annual Egg Hunt, and also Charlie's 5th birthday.
Jean's sister and brother came, with four more kidlets, and our neighbors came with their three. Great day, and fun. Weather cooperated, as there was no rain for the 2PM hunt. We still do candy, stickers, etc. and pennies, dimes, etc. some quarters--party favors as well. Had kielbasa, dips, cheeses, ham, sweet potatoes and apples, homemade mac and cheese (which Jean's sister brought--absolutely delicious) chicken, salad, etc. Birthday cake of course, along with homemade fudge and cookies, which Jean's sister made too!
Deedee and her gang headed to Florida yesterday, to see Jim's folks. School vacation next week.
Church last night, today, and tomorrow into Sunday--I think the word is Tridiuum, the three day commemoration of Jesus, His Suffering and His Resurrection
Love to all, and be safe!

Jim, the boys, and I barreled down on Thursday afternoon to Siesta Key, Florida, 1250 miles, 20 hours. . .sang our own version of the Beatles "We all live in a Honda Odyssey, a Honda Odyssey, a Honda Odyssey."  Had a Red Bull for the first time, and although it tasted like liquid Smarties, it did keep me awake for my 2-4:30 a.m. driving stint.  We just returned from the Easter Vigil at St. Michael's.  We're visiting Jim's parents, whom we haven't seen since July.  Palm Sunday, we headed to New Canaan, where Ed/Jean and the boys, and Woody/Stacie and the kids and celebrated our Easter.  We left our Jetty with "Noonie and Grampie," and she's having lots of fun in Grampie's woods learning how to be a real dog.  Rained today, but boys swam in pool all day with their "girlfriends" from Michigan, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.  Same families come to visit their respective grandparents each year, so it's fun here.  They now stay connected all year via email--and have a great pseudo-cousin relationship. 
Happy Easter to all!  We won't be doing an egg hunt this year, but hope to catch some fish tomorrow afternoon!  To prove the big one didn't get away, I'll have to snap pictures. . . .
I hope the new cousin babies and newlyweds have a very special first Easter! 

I am very late to the Easter table but wanted to pitch in here anyway!  Russ stayed over nite before bearing brownies (thank you Lisa!) and as we got ready to go in the a.m. up to Marblehead (the boys had been up till 3 or so playing video games) I thought agan, how nice it is to have Russ around. He is so sweet and funny and considerate. 
On Saturday we went to my sister's in Marblehead., MA. We arrived to find my niece Nicole conducting an egg hunt on the front lawn in a pink flowered dress and straw hat in 40 degree weather with a stiff wind blowing. 15 or so young men and women looking for 25 eggs .... Some of the "eggs" had an alcoholic component as I understand it.
On Sunday we all went to Our Lady Star of Sea in Marblehead (they have one too, as well as Stamford). I haven't been with my siblings at Easter mass  for over 40 years. The pastor was so down to earth and knew that Easter brings a lot of "non-regulars" into his church but he was so welcoming as if to say -" this is nice I have a bigger audience/party!". 
And I understood as if for the first time during mass -  Jesus' mission - that death, his death,  brings resurrection and the promise of eternal life to all mankind.  As Andee put it so beautifully in her condolence note to me in re my mom - with Easter comes the promise of resurrection.  
And thank you all for your notes and messages of caring - I have been extremely blessed in terms of family.
Love Regina