Friday, March 28, 2008

Get Together... Blog, Web and Forum


We went to British Columbia for our honeymoon. My father-in-law Abel John gave us new names. Abel is a member of the Mowachat tribe and I think it is a tradition to get a new name at transition points of your life.

Ginny got the name Ooks-Na-Quisit (phonetic because we are unaware of it's spelling). Generally this means "achieving greatest status".

I was really intrigued with my name Aah-In-Chisit because it means "through me people get together". This is a path the I have taken to heart... At least I'm having fun looking for ways to draw everyone into a shared experience. Technology to the rescue.

I never expected these times back in 1974 when the photo was taken. The idea of a "World Wide Web" did not exist until the early 80's.