Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I’m ready to go back to Bimini

There is something to be said about floating in the warm Atlantic ocean which has a bit more salinity than is found up on our northern coast. Just drifting in nature’s amniotic fluid.


Bimini knows how to welcome it’s visitors. Bimini consists of 2 islands. We flew on Bimini Air on a very nice SAAB turbo prop to a small (and I mean small) airfield on one of the islands.

IMG_0006 - Copy

I knew that this was one friendly place when they handed me a rum punch on the ferry ride to the other island where we going to attend Tom & Danielle’s wedding at Bimini Bay.

IMG_0008 - Copy

Tom is the son of our long time friends the Dunfee’s. Our kids grew up together and we have had a few adventures over the years. I met them through my Navy roomate Frank Chupko at a party that we still talk about, probably because police were involved.


We arrived 2 days before the wedding and enjoyed the 2 pools and the ocean. This is a shot of the “infinity pool” which has the optical effect of appearing to blend with the ocean.


I did a bit of research before I left and found that I could take a snorkeling view of the Bimini Road leading to Atlantis (at least I believe it was).


The tour was lead by Bill Keefe of Bimini Underseas. They also offer dolphin encounters and Scuba diving. This was great fun because all the participants were wedding guests. Elaine was an experienced diver so she did some diving while we knocked back a few Kalik beers.


I found it interesting that the ocean level was 350 feet lower 12,000 years ago. This indicated that the entire Bahamas was probably Atlantis. Score one for Edgar Cayce.

Danielle did an nice job of giving us some nice activities. I joined the ladies to do some vigorous yoga to the sound of the surf. Danielle also taught the class!


She also arranged a very interesting tour of Bimini led by Ashley Saunders, a historian, author and artist. Ashley gave us a great tour of Hemingway’s cabin. I placed my hand into a cannon and received a bit of a surprise.


These lizards are everywhere but they seem to be harmless, still a surprise!

We ended up at Ashley’s residence/museum/boutique and he explained how he made up from materials found on the beach. Great place.



I purchased one of his books to read about medicinal plants and pirates. Pirates loved Bimini because it afforded a nice view of their prey along the gulf stream.

As we were taking this tour, I was dismayed to learn that I missed the opportunity to have a few with my former Navy roommate Frank and his brother John who were tending the bar in Alice town at the End of the World Bar.  This was a definite miss on my part. Frank and John know which bars to visit. Even more amazing is the fact that they picked the most famous one in Bimini. Here they are in all their splendor near the infinity pool with Ginny:


The ending of the tour led directly to the wedding. One culinary treat of the island is Conch Salad. You slice and dice  Conch, Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers, and liberal amounts of lime (to “cook” the still living conch). A nice hot sauce and a coconut rum and pineapple drink and you have yourself a wedding appetizer.



The wedding was great. Any wedding that allows you to wear a hawaiian shirt and be barefoot in the surf is a great wedding.





So Congratulations Tom and Danielle. We had a great time!