Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chinese train for #TransportTuesday


I'm having fun with these daily photo themes on Google+. I usually find that I have a photo or two for each category.

In 1985 I traveled to China to do some work for Digital Equipment Corporation. I needed to travel between Shanghai and Wuhan and I was lucky enough to trail via rail.

What amazed me was the sight of so many coal driven steam engines in operation. In the states they are more of a tourist attraction. One night in Wuhan I heard one whistle screaming as the train went over the Yangtze River Bridge. It reminded me of every train song I have ever heard that  has a lonesome whistle lyric.

The photo was scanned from a 35mm slide, shot with my old Nikon. This explains the dust marks. The film was developed in China with some questionable quality standards and color balance.