Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is a Google Page and why do I care?

Disclaimer: I am going to write about photo sharing using Google+ with pages. I'll admit that I am a big fanboy. I'm not going to bash Facebook, they have their own  way of doing things.

Google+ has two mechanisms for online identity. One is the user profile and the other is a company/organization  page.

They differ in two key ways. 

A G+ user profile CAN add (or delete) anyone or any page into a circle to share messages, photos etc. The profile is a single person, the management duties cannot be shared.

A page is a company/organization. It CANNOT add (or delete) anyone unless that person agrees  by initially "circling" the page. Management of the page can be shared among any number of people (as might be done by Honda Motors).

Naturally I had to create a Poltrack Family page  along with a few others. Facebook has a similar arrangement with groups and pages, so the concept should not be unfamiliar.

How can the Poltrack Family page be useful? Quick answer - common repository for sharing family photos.

For example, you have an Easter photo in your Google+ album. You can tag the people in the photo and they will be notified that they have been tagged (with the option to approve/reject). This is similar to the way Facebook shares tagging.

However you can also add a new tag with a PAGE name and the PAGE will be notified. Pages are like people (just like corporations). In this way the page manager can display photos from a number of different profiles at a single location. The daily photo theme pages  work this way and they have thousands of viewers.

What do you need to do to get circled by a page? You need to circle it first!

Here is a screen shot of Page tag that was added to a photo. My dad's furlough in 1943. On the right I clicked ADD A NEW TAG and entered the page name Poltrack Family. I could have added Honda or Ford but that wouldn't make sense would it?