Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monadnock Mountain Music Jam

I attended a  post Thanksgiving Bluegrass and Old Timey music jam at the Temple Town Hall. It's always a great event. A group of local music enthusiasts join in to play my favorite genre of music.

Bring along a dish to share, your instruments, singing voice and a mere $5 donation and enjoy this monthly event.  The next jam will be held on December 9th from 3 to 7 PM.

Check out  Monadnock Mountain Music Jaffrey on Facebook for more photos, scheduled events and more.

A few photos of the event

 Tuning an autoharp takes some time

 Jerry, Fred and Joe

Monday, November 26, 2012

Let's see "The Insect Trust" available for download

I thought I knew of all the eclectic music of the late 60s and 70s. How did I possibly miss The Insect Trust?

I went to iTunes, Amazon and Google Play on a quest to find their albums to download but came up with nothing.

I never would have heard of them if it weren't a Fresh Air Segment on them called  Insect Trust: An American Band Deconstructed which inspired me to look for them.

Luckily I found some YouTube recordings. Much of the music from that era has faded into obscurity for good reason, but this band needs to be re-discovered and distributed.

Are you listening Google Play?

#CyberMonday and #IngressInvite, a strange conjunction

I was one of the lucky ones that received an #IngressInvite from Google. I installed it on my Nexus 7 and it never launched. I was saddened since the game is in Beta and the activation code is a hot and sought after commodity. Ingress is a role playing game of sorts. I'm not a gamer but this captured my attention. I posted the trailer on this blog posting.

I posted the code on this blog and immediately saw a spike of page viewing activity. Someone must have used it because others commented it no longer was valid. One poor soul kept asking me to send it to him, assuming I had a treasure trove of these. I'm a Google fan-boy but that only goes so far.

The next day I was fiddling with the tablet with some music software when I discovered the setting for GPS. Why did I not have this turned on? The most important thing for this game is the discovery of the portals. The program launched and asked for the code which was rendered useless by my foolish largess.

The code is useless but all is not lost. My blog received an increase of page views. I feel like a minor celebrity. Notice the peak on the day I "released" the code.

Many page views might increase clicks on my monetized widgets, so all is not lost, especially on Cyber Monday! Click away dear friends!

Now I need to beg Google for another invite code... sigh! Save up for a tablet with a front facing camera.

Here are the stats on my holiday traffic on this blog.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday


Some may enjoy the mob scene on "Gray Thursday" or "Black Friday" fighting over a $39  DVD player that will become obsolete by summer,but honestly isn't it more relaxing to kick back with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and order your gifts online?

The friendly UPS, USPS and FEDEX folks will drive to your house and bring you what you need. No crowds, no exposure to flu viruses, no traffic.

You want the Christmas feeling? Visit a Christmas Tree Farm and have a cup of hot cider. That is one thing you CAN'T recreate online.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tis' the season for SPENDING!

We haven't even awakened from a Tryptophan coma when it was time to shuffle off for Gray Thursday, followed by Black Friday.

I have little interest in these two shopping events, I'm waiting for folks to use my shopping link on Cyber Monday (located conveniently above this posting).

However this post is about the third daily event in this shopping series, called  "Small Business Saturday".

The temperature on Saturday had dropped significantly from the previous two days and there were a few errant snow flakes. I stopped by D.J. Hussey Farm in Townsend MA to photograph their Christmas tree operation. 

What could be more iconic of a small business than a family farm. What could be more iconic of the Christmas Season than fields of Balsam and Fraser Fir?

Wonderful spot to visit and the light and weather were just right for a few photos.

  • D.J. Hussey Farm (Christmas Trees, Blueberries, Strawberries, Pumpkins)
  • 20 Burgess Road
  • Townsend, MA 01469
  • (978) 597-6891

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Rockaways give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving

Plaid Friday Shopping

Christmas is a mere month away and I'll be doing much of my Christmas shopping at the New Ipswich Green Center. However, many of you should check out your local swap shops located near your local landfill.

Reduce - Recycle and Reuse (swap shop)

Frost Heaves native  Fred Marple explains:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ingress - The Niantic Project - Fringe

I'm genetically  drawn to certain genres of fantasy and science fiction. I watched Twilight Zone when it was first aired, Outer Limits,X Files Lost. On the printed page HP Lovecraft and J.R.R. Tolkien are my idols.

X Files was interesting because it never really explained what was going on. There was this great undercurrent of shadowy conspiracy. I would have loved to be one of the Lone Gunmen team. I guess I possess a  bit  of the personality and even the profession for it (as a software Asperger type).

We are now in the fifth and final season of Fringe, a worthy companion piece to other television ministries. With the clock ticking I was wondering what would take it's place when I started noticing a a trending theme on Google+ with the hash tag #Ingress.

I'm not a gamer, I really don't have the manual dexterity to kill mutants or propel birds at green pigs, however there is something intriguing about the "Niantic Project" with it's implied secret dark knowledge.

Since I have a Nexus-7, I signed up for an invite... you have to admit it is great marketing if nothing else and truly it is nothing else.

Watch how many times an Android phone appears in this video

Fine Art America hacked!

UPDATE! (11/19/12 - 16:40)
The FineArts sites are no longer triggering a malware alert BUT since this happened before I will not be putting any FineArts links and widgets on this blog until they find away to restrict users ability to hack the site.

Details of the recent incident are available on the Stop Badware Site.

My original post below:

What's up Fine Arts America?

Your site has been hacked with Malware, or one of your users has inserted a bad link. I was unpleasantly surprised that my blog set off alarms on Chrome until I determined that my Fine Arts slideshow and RSS feed gadgets had triggered the flagging. They are removed and my blogs and website are safe again.

This comes at a horrible time, since I am hoping for some sales and referrals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I feel sorry for the FineArts personnel which will need to track this problem down, fix it and rebuild trust with its artists and customers, a costly undertaking.

People that Hack,Spam and pollute others work are criminals and should be prosecuted as such.

Here is an example of a message that might appear on the a compromised site:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daily photo theme #zensunday

I have created three blogs with different themes. This is the original which I intended as a personal journal. later I created Musings which was going to be a bit more about politics and rants about society. I added a third which I intended for photography topics and examples.

However this remains the most popular of the three with 271 posts, comments and a few followers. So I asked myself why not stay with the winner? I have a tendency to spread my self a little thin.

As I've written before, I participate in sharing daily photos around a theme. Today the theme is #zensunday.
It is described by the curators as follows:

Zen Sunday is Curated by Charlotte Therese BjörnströmNathan Wirth and Simon Kitcher

#ZenSunday is about simple beauty: simply beautiful, expressive and pure images which fills one, who sees them, with inner peace and spiritual energy. Contemplative, mindful and serene photos. Creative use of negative space and an artistic touch can be part of shaping that zen feeling.
Nice eh?

This is my contribution, which is garnering a fair amount of comments:

Sharing Photos with Google+ events

One underutilized feature of Google+ is the ability to create online "events". This is a useful way to create collaborative photo albums around a common theme.

I have created a few of these and invited friends, family and the public to upload photos and add their comments. When the event date arrives, they can be viewed as a running slideshow featuring all the uploaded photos. Ar random times the show stops and a credit page appears naming all the contributing photographers. It's pretty slick to watch.

My next event is going to be one to mark the End of the World on Dec 21st. That is open to all inhabitants of our home planet. I encourage all to come and share their last thoughts. You can find it at this link.

If the world is intact on Dec 22nd, I progress with a family Christmas event.

Any Google+ user can create an event and invite whoever they wish. I'm including a short video to show how to upload photos to share.

The event tab can be located on the left side of your Google+ page. Have fun!

From Help Me

Monday, November 05, 2012

Wood Heat


I've held back on the first fire of the 2012-2012 fall/winter season but today after seeing a few flakes I relented. Nothing warms you as much as a wood stove. Ahhhhh!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Banjo Boys

I finally figure out why I haven't mastered playing the 5 string banjo.

I'M TOO OLD!  These guys are amazing