Sunday, November 18, 2012

Daily photo theme #zensunday

I have created three blogs with different themes. This is the original which I intended as a personal journal. later I created Musings which was going to be a bit more about politics and rants about society. I added a third which I intended for photography topics and examples.

However this remains the most popular of the three with 271 posts, comments and a few followers. So I asked myself why not stay with the winner? I have a tendency to spread my self a little thin.

As I've written before, I participate in sharing daily photos around a theme. Today the theme is #zensunday.
It is described by the curators as follows:

Zen Sunday is Curated by Charlotte Therese BjörnströmNathan Wirth and Simon Kitcher

#ZenSunday is about simple beauty: simply beautiful, expressive and pure images which fills one, who sees them, with inner peace and spiritual energy. Contemplative, mindful and serene photos. Creative use of negative space and an artistic touch can be part of shaping that zen feeling.
Nice eh?

This is my contribution, which is garnering a fair amount of comments: