Monday, November 19, 2012

Fine Art America hacked!

UPDATE! (11/19/12 - 16:40)
The FineArts sites are no longer triggering a malware alert BUT since this happened before I will not be putting any FineArts links and widgets on this blog until they find away to restrict users ability to hack the site.

Details of the recent incident are available on the Stop Badware Site.

My original post below:

What's up Fine Arts America?

Your site has been hacked with Malware, or one of your users has inserted a bad link. I was unpleasantly surprised that my blog set off alarms on Chrome until I determined that my Fine Arts slideshow and RSS feed gadgets had triggered the flagging. They are removed and my blogs and website are safe again.

This comes at a horrible time, since I am hoping for some sales and referrals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I feel sorry for the FineArts personnel which will need to track this problem down, fix it and rebuild trust with its artists and customers, a costly undertaking.

People that Hack,Spam and pollute others work are criminals and should be prosecuted as such.

Here is an example of a message that might appear on the a compromised site: