Wednesday, June 12, 2013

152nd New Ipswich Children's Fair - August 17th 2013

Save the Date!

152nd NICC New Ipswich Children's Fair
August 17th 2013

Planning for the fair is a year long enterprise. Music, Games, Food etc.

Bill Tobin, the auctioneer intends to add a little flair to the fair

Bill and his wife Faith, built a float featuring a  full size reproduction of the State Seal of New Hampshire.
This float and it's construction were featured on the television show New Hampshire Chronicle.

Hopefully Bill will be able to display the float at the Fair. Finding room for it might be a bit a challenge!

July 4th 2011 Amherst Parade

Impressive isn't it?

Faith Tobin marching behind float
Amherst 4th of July Parade