Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Boston 250th Anniversary - Artist in Residence Program

Remembering the Past

Looking to the Future

Honoring the Town of New Boston
New Boston has a number of events to commemorate their 250th anniversary. One of the ongoing programs is an "Artist in Residence" program in which an artist works with the art students to create a public work with a theme relevant to the town.

This year the artist in Residence was sculptor Emile Birch. This project began in 2011 with drawings and ideas. The 5th students formed the Styrofoam forms that were used to create the glyphs on the sculpture.

The designs represent the history and landscape of the town. The New Boston Historical Society assisted by teaching the children of the town's history.

The unveiling of the sculpture and a reception program were held on June 13th 2013.

New Boston Central School

The school is directly across from the Piscataquog River