Friday, June 14, 2013

Yikes! Another thing to worry about

It's one thing to have your computer infected with a virus, and another of the possibility of having a hacker deliver a 830  volt shock directly to your heart.

As a member of the Pacer club, I was a bit dismayed to read a report in the Homeland Security News Wire that security flaws in pacemakers and defibrillators make them vulnerable to hackers.

After receiving my Pacer in January, I spent some time on the internet reading about the technology. My pacer does NOT have Internet access. At first my inner geek was a little disappointed that as a bionic being I could not mind meld in cyber space. The manufacturer of the device sent me an old fashion dial up unit to upload my log files and ensure that everything was working properly.

Some of these devices have built Bluetooth and some devices (but not mine) have the capability of performing a defibrillator jolt. Imagine somebody typing a few keys and we drop like a sack of hammers.

How about those implanted insulin pumps and other devices? We are living in a Sci-Fi world.