Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Reunion in Maine, Cape Cod and Vancouver Island

What a great summer, seeing more of my far flung relatives than I ever thought possible. First cousin Barb and her fiance visit New Boston from North Carolina, next my niece Stephanie and her husband fly in from Colorado to spend time with us in Cape Cod. Later we meet up with a few more cousins in Provincetown.  Next Barb reappears in Maine along with Cousin Bob (and his daughter, son in law and grandkids) from California. We stay with other cousins from Massachusetts and Connecticut (we missed seeing the ones living in Rhode Island).

Song, food (wine), fireworks, kayaking, swimming and laughs... what fun

Meanwhile my wife is traveling across Vancouver Island meeting new relatives, covering those family bases.

Labor day may offer a a few more surprises. Family can be awesome and I am blessed.

Of course there is always the chore of gathering for the requisite group photo. So hard to gather them.