Monday, September 23, 2013

Temple Harvest Fair - Welcome to Autumn in the Monadnock Region

The first day of Autumn arrived at 4:44PM on August 22nd 2013 in Temple, New Hampshire.

It rained heavily the night before the fair but cleared with blue skies and sunshine. A few photos of the event.

I was late to attend the fair, and was sad not to see the birds from the Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Temple
Not sure if they made an appearance earlier, but it is one of my principal reasons for visiting the fair.
This photo is from 2012.
Antique Fire Truck (smoke provided by BBQ chicken)
Classic Country Store 

4H project - solar vehicle

Tug of war

Beard contest (woman entrant)

Beard Contestants 
Karin paints a face

Temple Band

FIRST town band

Just Relaxing

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Don't fence me in

How sad to see the school that my children attended behind a fence. My daughter questions whether she was exposed to the asbestos that apparently plagues the building. At $179,000 can't this be something other than yet another abandoned building? Dollar General fell through, but there must be a way to re-purpose the building.

Central School fenced in
However some good news, Citgo station cleanup complete!
What are the plans for this site?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

We get mail

I've added an email subscription form on the right sidebar of the blogs. Updates of blog postings, but no spamming. Our expert mail specialists will handle the information in the strictest confidence.

The actual photo is from the collection of the Library Of Congress posted on Flickr

Holman A. Drew, Harry K. Thaw, Deputy Sherriff Kelser
[1913 Sept. 13]
1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. or smaller.
Notes:Title from data provided by the Bain News Service on the negative. Date from similar Bain negative: LC-B2-2864-13.
Photograph shows Harry K. Thaw (1871-1947) with Holman A. Drew, Sheriff of Coos County and Deputy Sheriff Kelser, in New Hampshire where he was being held after his extradition from Canada. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2012)
Forms part of: George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).
Format: Glass negatives.
Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Murder in New Ipswich, a grim anniversary

It wasn't a very good day for Gilman Spaulding  on September 19, 1842 as evidenced by this tombstone at location C141 in Central Cemetery.

I've been unable to learn more about this crime except some anecdotal evidence that his brother died in an insane asylum in Massachusetts.

Gilman Spaulding Tombstone

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's new with the blogs, websites and everything else

I have the option of sharing my blog entries with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Email. The first three choices are somewhat passive, folks have the option to view them or ignore them.

I've avoided email, because as many of you, I get more email than I can consume, including schemes to have money shipped from Nigeria.

I have looked for a subscription service that would alert users to new content. Sadly Blogger does not have that functionality. It does have RSS feeds that can be accessed with a reader such as Feedly but most folks aren't going to bother with that.

One possible solution has been the creation of a Google group for an email distribution list. I have done that and have provided a convenient link on the blogs that will allow you to sign up for the distribution list, or allow you to contact me to be added directly,

Check it out.

NOTE: This is an experiment, your mileage may vary.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Jaffrey Music Jam - September 2013

Each month I get the opportunity to gather with local musicians and crank out a few tunes. The music is acoustic and mostly traditional bluegrass and early country. It is great fun.

In New Hampshire Dave and Ellen Hedman have been running jams since 2009. They have a Facebook page named Monadnock Mountain Music Jaffrey, where they post their events.

In Massachusetts at Dunn State Park in Gardner Mass, folks gather on the first Sunday of the Month to play acoustic music in the visitors center. A wonderful venue with a view of the lake and a roaring fire in the colder months.

Both venues welcome listeners and musicians of all abilities. We've had spoon players, penny whistles, dobros and a variety of banjos, guitars, mandolins and fiddles.

Here a few photos from our Sunday Jam, the last outside jam of the season. Next one will be at Temple Town Hall in October. I will post details on this blog.

Leo plays the 1904 classic "Redwing"

Glad to see Bruce, wonderful on the guitar

Dick noodles around any tune that we play

Dave strikes a typical expression

Dave Hedman, intense concentration

Sarah Jane, introduces us to new music

Sometimes the challenge is picking the song to sing

We had three fiddlers, three or four guitars, two mandolins, three banjos and one giant bass

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pyroman Update

Pyroman has been thrilling folks in New Ipswich for some time. I believe his first performance was a death defying run through a wall of fire at his pig roast. Donning a Nomex suit he has performed in subsequent events, always with more spectacular effects.

The trusty suit did succumb to some damage in his September 7th performance, but thankfully Pyroman was unscathed. Blaze on Pyroman, Blaze on!

Pyroman Sept 7, 2013

Vintage Pyroman July 16, 2005
Early Pyroman would ride a bicycle through the flaming wall of death.
Only later did the performance evolve into the "fully engulfed" man on fire

In June of 2009, Pyroman introduced a pinwheel to his body, producing a peacock tail effect

Scorched Nomex from September 2013 performance

No one knows what is next for Pyroman

High Street repair work

After a heavy bout of rains in April 2010, part of the hillside on High Street in Greenville, NH slid into the Souhegan. The road has remained closed since that event.

After three years, funds were found to repair the hillside.

April Fools Day 2010
Sept 14, 2013 - Mudslide damage is still evident but work is underway with
the construction of a retaining wall
The slide was extensive taking full grown trees

Telephoto view of the "wall"

Business end of a pile driver

View of the wall from High Street

Serious hydraulics power the pile driver. Not the markings on the girders.
I assuming that is the measurement in feet.

View from the wall across the Souhegan.
High Street is well named, may be the highest point in Greenville.

Hopefully this shot gives a idea of the scale of this project.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day Tripping - Newburyport, MA

On our day trip to Parker RiverNational Wildlife Refuge, we stopped for lunch in Newburyport, a historic seaport city with numerous small gift shops, restaurants and side streets.

H.P. Lovecraft based his mythical Innsmouth (The Shadow over Innsmouth) upon this city which is reason enough to visit.

The Maritime Museum was closed when we visited, have to make plans to visit on a day other than Monday

Everywhere you go this logo appears

An entire store with one product. Obviously a tourist town

Cobblestones and brick building with small shops


My obligatory tourist shot

It's great when you can walk in a city without dodging cars

More tourist fodder

Interesting fountain. A number of day cares were using this area for play

Love this font

A record store? What is a record? 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge - Day Tripping

I haven't been to Plum Island for 25 years, a serious oversight. The area features wonderful beaches and is a great place for birders.

I am bereft of a decent telephoto lens, but I'm a fan of natural beaches and Parker River doesn't disappoint. In 25 years they have added a beautiful visitors center. Because I possess a senior National Park Pass my admission is free! How great is that?

Driving down the 6 mile road I observed white egret type birds  in the salt marsh. I leave that photography to the folks with the right lens. The birder come to this place in droves (or is that flocks?).

I'll share some photos of the Hellcat Wildlife Observation Center which features two distinctive loop trails, a dune walk and a marsh walk. Both on wonderful boardwalks.

I tagged this post as #DayTripping because it falls within a 2 hour travel window from New Ipswich.

Fishing line and all plastic is BAD for wildlife

Ocean was calm that day

Plenty of seating areas


Fun to walk these paths, my younger kids would have loved it.

Suppose this could all be collection of condos and high priced mansions.. but it's NOT!

Beach Plums Galore

Marsh Loop, I was the only one!