Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day Tripping - Newburyport, MA

On our day trip to Parker RiverNational Wildlife Refuge, we stopped for lunch in Newburyport, a historic seaport city with numerous small gift shops, restaurants and side streets.

H.P. Lovecraft based his mythical Innsmouth (The Shadow over Innsmouth) upon this city which is reason enough to visit.

The Maritime Museum was closed when we visited, have to make plans to visit on a day other than Monday

Everywhere you go this logo appears

An entire store with one product. Obviously a tourist town

Cobblestones and brick building with small shops


My obligatory tourist shot

It's great when you can walk in a city without dodging cars

More tourist fodder

Interesting fountain. A number of day cares were using this area for play

Love this font

A record store? What is a record?