Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's new with the blogs, websites and everything else

I have the option of sharing my blog entries with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Email. The first three choices are somewhat passive, folks have the option to view them or ignore them.

I've avoided email, because as many of you, I get more email than I can consume, including schemes to have money shipped from Nigeria.

I have looked for a subscription service that would alert users to new content. Sadly Blogger does not have that functionality. It does have RSS feeds that can be accessed with a reader such as Feedly but most folks aren't going to bother with that.

One possible solution has been the creation of a Google group for an email distribution list. I have done that and have provided a convenient link on the blogs that will allow you to sign up for the distribution list, or allow you to contact me to be added directly,

Check it out.

NOTE: This is an experiment, your mileage may vary.