Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

Black Friday at library - No fighting or stabbings, just pleasant local folks

Avon items at Library Black Friday

Tupperware, new innovations!

Children's books for all ages

Maybe a gift certificate from our local Hair Salon
Small Business Saturday

Mary Kay at Library

Cookware at Library

Scents for the holidays

Another Small Business destination


Consign of the Times for Small Business Saturday

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Memphis Tennessee - Poor People's March

I discovered some photos that I had taken in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. I was was attending Avionics Training in Millington, Tennessee . At every opportunity I would catch the Navy Bus to travel to Memphis.

The USO used to provide Sunday Meals which was a nice change from chow hall food (think grits, s**t on a shingle, and even rabbit). I even managed to get free matinee symphony tickets. I may have been the only sailor that went to the symphony.

This was the height of the civil rights movement in the south. There were demonstrations and I grew tired of hearing racist rants from some of my instructors. We were instructed to stay away from certain streets in Memphis including Beale Street, the "Home of the Blues". I still regret missing out on that, although in the 1960s it was quite run down.

Still I managed to witness one march which I guess was part of the Poor People's March. I can't date the exact date, but I suspect these photos were taken in September 1968.

I'm trying to identify this corner

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Disaster in the Philippines - Donate, but check up before you do!

It's hard to comprehend the damage wrought on the people of the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan. I intend to send a donation, but I want to assure that my money will actually go to help people. My first stop will be to Charity Navigator, I suggest you do the same and read up on the charities.

In the Navy (1970) I was lucky enough to spend some time with the Philippine people
Wonderful people who now need our assistance

In 1970 I guess I was bit of Novelty to these Philippine children.
I cannot image the level of destruction of this storm.
We need to help and make sure our money goes to help.

Monthly Gospel Bluegrass Jam - St Paul Episcopal Church

I attended the  monthly Gospel Bluegrass Jam is held at St Paul Episcopal Church in Gardner Mass on November 16th. The Jam runs from 7pm till midnight. Great fun picking and singing with these folks. I recorded the session but discovered to my dismay that the input level was set too high. Some photos of the night.

Pam on Banjo

Anne plays silver serving spoons

Add caption

Dick noodles a tune on the mandolin

Dave gives me an A-Chord for my Photo Club assignment

John sharing a joke

Birthday Boy

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

I spent Sunday morning at the Currier Museum of Art to see the exhibit Visual Dispatches from the Vietnam War featuring 35 iconic wartime photos that brought the images of war into the living rooms of America.

It was an emotional experience made more poignant because it featured commentaries of the photographers, describing what it was like to witness these events.

It appears that Vietnam will be the first and last television war. The images are too disturbing. Iraq and Afghanistan have fallen off the radar except for the men and women who  are directly involved in the conflict.

We hear phrases like "Support our Troops" spoken by politicians who are itching to jump into Syria or Iran while orchestrating a government shutdown that directly affected care and aid to veterans.

It's not about parades, speeches and sales events. We need to help the men and women we have placed in harms way and do everything possible to prevent war.

I'm providing a list of some the photographers featured in the exhibit. I encourage you to take a look at their work.

One Ride with Yankee Papa 13 - Larry Burrows

Henri Huet  - French war photographer

Horst Fass - German photo-journalist

Don McCullin - British photo-journalist

Malcolm Browne - American journalist and photo-journalist

Eddie Adams - American photographer and photojournalist

Nick Ut - photographer for Associated Press (video interview below)

About A Photograph : Nick Ut from thinkTank Photo on Vimeo.