Monday, December 30, 2013

Deep in the catalog - April 4, 2005 (Hibernation is over)

3192 days ago

My first bear encounter (notice remains of bird feeder hanger) right in the back yard

Since this photo, I've lost a few feeders and even saw one of these guys in full sunshine (impressive)
I have a fence charger on the feeder which seems to work for bears, squirrels and people

I chased this guy away by firing a roman candle at it. The photo is grainy because this was taken at 7 PM with a point and shoot Canon PowerShot

1/60 sec f/4.9 (with flash)

My neighbor called me to tell me about the bears and I snapped this photo
This was taken before they visited me
1/60 sec f/4.9 (with flash)