Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Deep in the catalog - January 28, 2006

2902 days ago

At this point in the catalog, I was able to upgrade to a DSLR. It was great to be looking through glass again instead of a small LCD screen.

Sam the Cat (originally Max)

I was anxious to try the kit zoom with my Olympus 500

1/500 sec - f/4.5


A nice cat, sadly Buster hated him and he eventually disappeared
Buster now hates Paris but we keep her indoors and I play cop to keep him away from her

1/500 sec - f/4.5

Encounter of Pickles and Sam
These guys got along
Buster is the only sociopath who only likes humans

1/500 sec - f4.5

Olympus E500 DSLR

1/500 sec f/4.5