Friday, January 31, 2014

Deep in the catalog - Ski Breckenridge

2420 days ago - Ski Breckenridge

There was no one skiing in June 2007 but the lifts were running
Wonderful view of the mountains from this vantage point

At the top of the lift I had the idea that I was going to hike up this hill, that didn't happen!
I didn't think that altitude was going to be issue when we attended my niece's wedding but for me it was
I took a few steps up this hill and turned around
I think the altitude is almost 13,000 feet. I'll stick to our 1000 feet here in New Ipswich

Another view

High on a mountain, what do I see?

I looked but couldn't find any fireworks

I'm not too fond of heights, this ride made me a bit nervous