Sunday, March 30, 2014

22 days to go! Boston Marathon

One of today's photo themes is #SculptureSunday and I'm sharing some of my daughter's photos. She has been busy training for the run on April 21st. Getting out early in the morning and running along Castle Island.

Looking forward to this event. She could still use some donations to reach her goal.

The link is TEAM JOHN HANCOCK 2014

One for #SculptureSunday

Boston Strong!

Fresh paint job

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pellets and Potholes

Yes these are both signs of late winter / early spring

Can you guess how this sign can affect wood pellet pickup?
Imagine hitting a heave with a half ton of wood pellets in your vehicle.
When I arrived this day I could have bought a ton, but decided the Honda CRV could only
hold 25 bags (1000 pounds)

The limit of this vehicle is 1500 pounds counting passengers. I noticed it was riding low

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A look back - Autumn colors

Still waiting for a sign of Spring. A crocus, a green shoot, anything but temperatures in the teens. Digging back in the archives for some colors, I found these shots taken on October 5, 2008.

Fall flowers are some of my favorites

Leaf of a "smoke" tree, love the colors 

The 50mm macro gives some great DOF


Holly is a great plant, both ornamental and a great attraction for some birds


Monday, March 24, 2014

A look back - Up close and personal

One of my favorite lens is an Olympus 50mm f/2.0 Macro ED lens.
It's fast and sharp and allows one to get close, really close to the subject.
These photos were taken October 5, 2008

Hard at work

Bees don't mind being photographed

Maybe I was too close to this guy

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sharing the spotlight - Our Family Photographers

It will come as no surprise to folks who read my blogs, see my Facebook postings or visit my website that I am a photography enthusiast. I almost exclusive use only my own work, making exceptions for archival photos.

However there are some really talented photographers in my family. They have posted photos on Facebook, uploaded them  to Flickr, 500px and even Google+.  The photos are spread far and wide and tend to get lost in the stream of data that spews out of the internet.

Since I have a dedicated family website, it occurred to me to open a photography exhibit featuring their work. I can step back and play the role of curator.

At the present time I just have a slideshow running with a few photos. That will grow over time as folks give me permission to add their work. Later I will adding dedicated photographer profile pages describing the photos (just like a REAL museum but without an entry fee).

Website -

A look back - October 1, 2008

Damsite 35 in New Ipswich - Oct 1, 2008

Morning Walk
Autumn is the best time of the year

Unlike the Grateful Dead song, there was only a "touch of blue" in the sky

Friday, March 21, 2014

Impermanence and Tibetan Buddhism

After the painstaking effort of creating an intricate sand mandala at the Mariposa  Museum in Peterborough, NH, it was destroyed, the sand offered to the Nubanusit River.

The lesson? Everything is transitory

The final day started with chanting

Mandala was brushed away

The transitory nature of everything

Some of the sand was given to the observers. I still have a packet

Procession to the River

An offering to the Nubanusit

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Look Back - Tibetan Monks in Peterborough

Mariposa Museum - September 9, 2008

Tibetan monks construct a sand mandala over the period of several days
At the beginning and end of their work shifts, they chant and explain the significance of the mandala
Each design has a special purpose

Colored sand used

Closeup view to show the level of detail and precision required

Prayer flags waving outside the Museum
These were created by visitors to the Museum

The sand is applied by brass tubes with ridges. A metal rod vibrates the ridges releasing a controlled stream of sand.
I use similar technology for very small seeds

A contemplative way to spend some time

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Butterfly Place - Westford, Massachusetts

The Butterfly Place Website

The members of the New Ipswich photo club visited this indoor garden
on March 9, 2014. Wonderful to see these bugs flying around

Blue Morpho (Isn't that a great name)

Freshly emerged

This was a free for all, very messy

Interesting structure

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Look Back - September 8, 2008

Hiking the Wapack to Mt Watatic

What a great trail, right through our town!

September is the best time of the year

Along the ridge, blueberries anyone?

Approaching the peak of Watatic

Perfect weather on this day

A View of Mount Monadnock from Watatic

Almost lost this place, but didn't!

All that remains of the fire tower