Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sharing the spotlight - Our Family Photographers

It will come as no surprise to folks who read my blogs, see my Facebook postings or visit my website that I am a photography enthusiast. I almost exclusive use only my own work, making exceptions for archival photos.

However there are some really talented photographers in my family. They have posted photos on Facebook, uploaded them  to Flickr, 500px and even Google+.  The photos are spread far and wide and tend to get lost in the stream of data that spews out of the internet.

Since I have a dedicated family website, it occurred to me to open a photography exhibit featuring their work. I can step back and play the role of curator.

At the present time I just have a slideshow running with a few photos. That will grow over time as folks give me permission to add their work. Later I will adding dedicated photographer profile pages describing the photos (just like a REAL museum but without an entry fee).

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