Sunday, April 27, 2014

General John Stark talk at the Apotheca in Goffstown, NH

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.

How can you not like our state motto?
Attributed to a toast made by General John Stark on July 31st, 1809

On Sunday we celebrated my Mom's birthday by attending a talk at Apotheca  in Goffstown, NH

It was fitting that Rodney Stark (who is related to John Stark) gave the talk. He shared books with the audience describing both John and Molly Stark.

Rodney was assisted by Sandy Whipple, Adult Services and Outreach at the Goffstown Public Library. Sandy had prepared some cookies and other foods that would have been served at tea in the Revolutionary times.

Sandy Whipple and Rodney Stark

Just in time for high tea

Texting General Washington

Helpful assistant delivered more cookies during the talk

General Stark

General Stark

Betty Poltrack and Rodney Stark
My mom is a member of the New Boston Historical Society which currently has the Molly Stark cannon on display in New Boston

Illustration from one of Rodney's books showing John Stark running the gauntlet when he was captured by Native Americans. Apparently he managed to impress them with his fighting skills and gain their respect.