Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Ipswich Cleanup Day - Thank You

Thanks to all the volunteers who took to the town roads to pick up the beer cans, twisted tea bottles and other detritus tossed by careless motorists.

Hopefully we will need LESS bags next year

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Barrett House getting a fresh coat of paint

Imagine what it would be like to maintain a 1800 Mansion. Historic New England will be painting Barrett House this year. Work has already commenced.

It's been 19 years and it's time for a fresh coat of paint

Step one is removal of the shutters

Not a job for those who feel unsteady on ladders (me)

Since this is historic property ,every step is carefully cataloged. 

Each shutter will be numbered with instructions for restoration

The power of sun and weather

Some shutters will need a lot more work

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Decorating Veterans graves for Memorial Day

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New Ipswich celebrates Memorial Day a week before the official holiday. This is a long standing tradition that was started over 100 years ago to insure that the town could schedule a band to play at the parade.

New Ipswich will be celebrating Memorial Day on Sunday May 18th, 2014
In preparation the New Ipswich Congregational Church youth group decorated Veteran graves with American Flags

Not an easy task looking for graves that in some instances are centuries old


The Village Cemetery is located on Main Street in New Ipswich

Without the maps this would be an impossible task

New high quality flags for 2014
The flags will remain in place till July 5th

"There's an app for that"
Maybe there should be. Geo-tagging these graves might make this an easier task

Eagle Scout Derek Rust puts some touch-up paint on his project
Derek also plays echo taps with his dad at the graveside ceremonies on Memorial Day

UPDATE: In 2016 Derek was unable to play taps in New Ipswich because he was deployed to the Middle East

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Careless Camping

Carry in, carry out

Camping is not allowed on the conservation land at Damsite 35 in Smithville. However that didn't stop someone from pitching a tent, building a fire right in the midst of dry pine needles and consuming whatever this stuff is.

What is most disconcerting to me is that they went to the trouble to carry FULL bottles to the campsite but couldn't be bothered to carry the EMPTIES out.  We took care of that for you.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Dying tree at the Old Burial Ground

The Old Burial Ground in New Ipswich has some very interesting gravestones. It is the least visited of the town's cemeteries. I took a photo of a dying tree on my visit and later noticed a pattern in the wood which I've  highlighted in this photo. What do you see?

Memento mori - "Remember that you will die"

This was one of the more elaborate stones at the site. The winged skull is a common motif for this era, but I found this winged "head" to be more interesting (and a little creepy)