Saturday, August 30, 2014

Daily Photo Themes for Saturday

A collection of Photo Themes for Saturday
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Saturday is my favorite day of the week and maybe someday ALL days will be Saturday

Probably one of the more cryptic Gplus photo themes but a fun and delicious topic
White Chocolate Berry Strudel dessert served at Pickity Place in Mason, NH

Paris, my dependable model for this theme

An overcast morning but the sun eventually found a way to burn through the clouds
Cape Cod, 2014

First Encounter Beach in Eastham, Cape Cod
A popular gathering place for sunsets

Tree Burls in New Ipswich, NH


One can not help but pity this young girl. This is not the typical epitaph.

"Long was her sickness, and painfull her sores:
which she bore with wonderful patience, and resignation."