Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Tunes for the Jukebox

I have the opportunity to listen to music all day, one of the joys of being a teleworker. When I find a tune I like, I add it to a playlist. On my blog I have an embedded widget with some of my favorite tunes. It's not really a Jukebox, since it only plays a short segment of a song, but a segment long enough to make a judgement.

I've updated this with several new selections, give it a listen. One caveat though, this widget works on Desktops but not on mobile devices. The right column is not visible.

Thanks to all the readers that utilize the amazon links on this buy their stuff, amazon pays me a few cents for those sales.

If you are on a desktop computer look to the right
I've added a number of new tunes to this widget
It is located beneath the search text box