Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A few new enhancements to this blog

Thank you for your readership. I enjoy posting photos and items that interest me. Blogger provides some great tools to accomplish that. I'm doing less on my website  these days. Google has not kept up with adding features as they have done on the Blogger platform (such as making it mobile friendly).

I've replaced the external links along the top with inline pages which makes navigation much easier.
These are the NEW features:

  • New Comic page (Dan Piraro and other comics that I have permission to post)
  • Flickr Photos - Embedded Photostream which can be scrolled (L-R)
  • The Gallery - Random photos from my archives
On the right the SlideShow flyout menu is pretty slick. It's been there all along but have been unnoticed.

The Shopping Page is gone but the amazon links remain. Using them for your purchases helps defray some of the costs in running this blog.

Using this Amazon link for your purchases helps support this blog. Thank you.