Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Photo Themes

A collection of Photo Themes for Sunday
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Several of these photos were taken at the andres institute of art in Brookline, NH
There were many interesting sights to see and I'll be posting more about this sculpture garden in subsequent days.

A rusty Hudson spotted at a neighbor's party to celebrated the "Last Hurrah" of Summer

#70 Conscious – Isadore Batu Siharulidze, Republic of Georgia

#34 Transitions – Georgiy Kudravchenko, Ukraine
One of the most interesting features of this is the bowling trophy on the head piece
This was my choice for #SquareSunday

I didn't get this feature in the photo but this sculpture had wheels and a dragon's tail

A2 Entrance Sign (Commitment) -John M. Weidman, New Hampshire, USA

Fire Island again for #BeachSunday

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