Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sunday Photo Themes

A collection of Photo Themes for Sunday
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It's a beautiful October morning, get outside and enjoy the view.
Sharing some recent photos from September and October for today's themes.

Newly painted doors at Barrett House
This photo was a mistake, I had the AEL set by accident and overexposed the shot, clipping the high tones, but I like the effect and pushed it a bit further adding a white vignette just to accentuate it.
The green doors were getting a lot of reflected light from the new paint job on the main house when I took the shot  at 1 PM

Trying to figure out the Pano feature on this smart phone. My pick as a #Selfie

#69 Horse of Inspiration – Amgalan Tsvegmid, Mongolia / Maryland, USA
One of my favorite sculptures at andres institute of art in Brookline, NH.

#14 Windows into Big Bear Mountain – Solomon Isekeije, Nigeria / USA  (detail)
Rusty Sunday pick

Fire Island beach
What a wonderful place

Sometimes you wonder why such a sign is necessary.
Enjoy your swim.

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