Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Tuesday Photo Themes

A collection of Photo Themes for Tuesday
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October 2014 - Damsite 35

Newfoundland pony from the Villi Poni Farm in New Ipswich, NH at the Harvest Fair at Memorial Field, New Ipswich,NH
There are less than 400 of this breed in the world. These animals were used a draft animals in the forest and mines in Canada. In the 1970s they were almost slaughtered to extinction for meat sent to France. Thankfully efforts were made to save this genetically diverse breed. The folks at Villi Poni Farm believe that they will have a birth in August of 2015. If so this will be Newfoundland Pony #23 in the USA.

Check out their website (nice music by Jorma Kaukonen)

Sacred Heart Church, Greenville, NH

Cheshire Railroad Bridge, Keene NH

Working days are over

No more jalapeno peppers for me!

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