Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Black Friday- Be thankful if you have power

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Did you survive Black Friday? Good, you'll be in shape for Cyber Monday. Please consider using my convenient Amazon link for your purchases. The holiday was a little surreal this year. The storm knocked out power for much of the family (New Hampshire chapter) and they gathered at our house because for some strange reason we had power. It went out today for about 90 minutes but that was easy.

Reminded me of the delightful days in 2008 when we DIDN'T have a generator. This storm did pack a wallop to New Hampshire.Nashua and Manchester were hit hard. My Mom is staying with us until they restore power to New Boston.

The family gathered round and celebrated Thanksgiving
We were one of the only two family members that had electicity
Usually we lose power on a windy day
This photo is not altered, this is how we eat
Remember December 2008? Back then we without power for 12 days
Hope that never happens again. However this pre-Thanksgiving storm was considered the fourth worse in our history

Another flashback to December 2008

Power to the people, a beautiful thing

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