Thursday, November 13, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday - The 50 Horan Avenue Edition (Part 1)

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After the war the returning servicemen and women returned to civilian life to raise families. There was a severe housing shortage and the government provided rental houses. The houses were all the same basic design. Two bedrooms, central coal heater in the living room. A utility room, kitchen and bathroom with a shower. The sink in the kitchen served as a bathtub for the three of us.

The neighborhood streets were named after servicemen who were killed in the war. We lived at 50 Horan Avenue. We lived there from 1946 till about 1959 when the neighborhood was demolished to make room for Rippowam High School. 

50 Horan Avenue was located approximately where the student park lot was located. The High School is now a Middle School.

I think it is shame that the names of the streets were lost when the neighborhood was demolished. I think that the City should re-use them for any new streets that might be built. I only can remember Horan Avenue, my home for 12 years.

A Reader informed me that Loveland Road still exists and a check of Google Maps seems to verify this. It would be wonderful to see and aerial view, photos or read more about the post-war years.

Home sweet home, my first years sitting in the doorway with my mom.
I love this car but don't remember riding in it (I was a bit too young)

Cousin Dave (the CBS guy) pitches a our pick up baseball games. The white rock  marked the Pitcher's mound.
There was a lot of invisible men that would play on the team and a lot of negotiation about whether they were safe or not.

Across the Street the Deluski (spelling?) boys lived. They were great fun to know. They had animal, pellet guns and fireworks. I hung around with Andy Deluski.

The street was great for sledding, a nice hill and sparks would fly from our flexible flyers. Dodging some light traffic. Nobody was injured that I can remember.

My friend Fergus Connors lived up and over the hill (to the right) a short walk. Fergie was killed in Vietnam.

Dad loved to pose me with a fishing rod even though I never enjoyed it as much as he did.
Note the HUGE glacial bolder in the far distance. We loved playing on that

Swinging out back. Dad was great with knots, check out his work

Once again with the fishing pole and a haircut
I miss my curls.
Note the identical house in distance. They ALL looked the same 
Dad's catch
Those were the days for Striped Bass

Sister Susan in the backyard sandbox. Check out our cool shed

Hanging out with the neighbors blowing bubble
My sister pat is in the middle Rosemary Carlucci is to her righ
There were hundreds of kids in the neighborhood and we were all about the same age. Great place to be.

Nancy Pockl and my sister Susan
Bill and Charlotte lived next door and Susan was friends with Nancy, I was friends with Virginia and Pat was friends with Billy
Later when we moved to Fairfield, CT , they moved ino the same neighborhood
Eventually we all ended up in New Hampshire.

My sister Pat in the front yard
I'm sure that Rosemary (on left) was eating a lollipop.
She would come over early in the morning to find Susan (with a lollipop)

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