Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Photo Themes

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Good morning readers, I must confess that the weekend blizzards are starting to get tedious. Any more and I'll be tunneling paths to the driveway. The real bummer is how freaking cold it is. Usually we get some daytime temperatures over freezing. 33 days till Spring.

I saw this in a store front in Hong Kong in 1970
Since I was in the Navy at the time I didn't feel inclined to walk in and chat, might not be welcome

This guy was nice enough to let me take a ride on this creature
Philippines 190

Wood and Wire

Southern California Church

Identity crisis
A Door or a Window?

What made me think that a beer can would add to this photo


Happy 1st Birthday to my Grand Nephew
My pick for #BeachSunday and #SunglassesSunday

Sculpture at andres institute of art

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