Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thursday Photo Themes (#ThrowbackThursday Edition)

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Good morning, awoke to see MORE snow falling. Yesterday I went to fill the bird feeders and had to wear snowshoes to negotiate the yard. I quickly realized that they are undersized when I sank about a foot. I also attribute that to the extra poundage I've been been accumulating. Seeing the first  photo makes me realize how far gone I am. 
Outside of Olongapo City in the Philippines  - 1970
Check out my cool striped pants that I probably bought in the Navy Exchange
For a #tbt moment you can see a 8-Track player on the table to my right

Another vintage photo from the 1970s in Hong Kong
It was all over for Minolta in 2006 when it transferred it's technology to Sony

An analog photo taken in Central Park probably taken in the 1980s
I tried to take a similar photo in 2011 when I was accosted by a very upset player who berated me in a heavy Russian accent for taking a photo. I learned to ask after that.

Another vintage shot from the 1970s from beautiful California
No snow there 
The only digital photo in the collection taken of my Japanese Maple
Experimented a bit with the art filters

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