Saturday, March 12, 2016

Phone Call in P-Town

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Provincetown is a great place for people watching. There are benches in front of the town hall which offer a great vantage point to watch the parade of characters pass by.

In 2009 we met a charming eccentric woman seated on the bench. She offered us an arm of a doll which served as a phone handset. It was an interesting exchange as she asked about our lives.

It was an interesting encounter. I found that the "phone" made it a lot easier to speak and share my own thoughts with a total stranger. It was a theatrical moment that probably couldn't have happened in any other town.

In the subsequent visits I've never seen her again. Maybe I should try to call her via the "arm phone".

Great Expression
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Cell phone prototype

Ginny is on hold

The people you meet in Provincetown