Monday, April 04, 2016

A Sticky Death

Brrr, winter is back this morning

I'm trying to get into a spring planting mood so I'm posting some photos of an interesting type of plant life. Most plants grow and are rather passive, but carnivorous plants catch insects for sustenance. Most of these plants grow in boggy acidic locations where it is difficult to get minerals.They compensate by catching and digesting insects. The Venus Flytrap  is the most famous example but there are others such as these Drosera plants.

These are called sundews because the droplets appear to be water. However they are actually mucilage

No place to land

This photo was taken along the Wapack Trail in New Ipswich, NH
Note that the plant has already curled around it's prey

This  plant is located on the proposed route of the Kinder-Morgan natural gas pipeline

Got one!  The Drosera rotundifolia is local to the spagnum bogs of New Ipswich, NH

Drosera filiformis
Thread-leaf sundew

Because these plants live in boggy conditions, they have a unique way of surviving the winter freezing conditions. They form a Hibernaculum, a bud that sinks to the bottom of the water when the weather gets cold. In spring they develop air spaces and float back up.

Drosera filiformis hibernacula Darwiniana.jpg
By Michal RubeŇ° -, CC BY 3.0 cz,