Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Bear Marks

Good Morning, another April Winter day in New Ipswich with a temperature of only 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

The weather was much nicer two weeks ago when I took a nice short hike through the Florence Roberts Forest located in Mason New Hampshire, just across the street from Uncle Sam's historic house.

The trail is a loop about a mile in length and the sound of spring peppers in the vernal pools made  for a pleasant sound. I was hiking by myself and soon discovered that I might have something to think about.

These tree gouges are made by black bears to mark their territory. After I saw these I was a bit more observant of my surroundings. Behind this tree was a large mound of stones which I was photographing. I wonder now if that might have been a den.

Later on the trail I saw another gouged tree. I wonder what those claws could do to a unwary  guy with a camera
Last year in my yard I had a black bear visit and take a rest in my daffodil bed. Bears don't bother my feeders after I wired them with a fence charger. One got annoyed with it an knocked it off the pole.