Saturday, April 09, 2016

Napping on an amplifier

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Good morning, 

If you wonder why most of my posts occur in the early hours of the day, the answer is in the photo below. When Buster was sick he require an antibiotic twice a day. To get him to eat the medicine, I crushed it and placed it in some wet cat food. Up to this point he was only fed in the evening. 

Buster soon realized that he like the new arrangement of having breakfast. He is incredibly loud and would loudly meow until I awoke He can be heard through closed doors and even outside.Telling him to shut up only makes me feel as if I have some control, but of course I don't.  The starting time of the day for me has moved up and finally settled in a 4 AM. Even in the rare instances where he doesn't nag me, my body is so attuned that I wake up anyway.

After his breakfast he mocks my sleepless state by curling up on an amplifier and going to sleep for the day.

Using an uninterrrupted power supply as a pillow
After a while the amplifier was having some issues.When I took the cover off I realized that Buster's shedding was to  blame. Those ventilation holes were located right under him

Wonder why the amplifier overheated

Restricted airflow
The solution to the problem, a "bridge" barrier. He is quite content with this arrangement but he still wakes me at 4 AM.