Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rock Collector

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Good morning,

Anyone that visits The Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH should note the Altar of the Nations which is made from stones from all 50 states and from every United States President since Harry Truman.

Hilltop House, the indoor facility also has stones embedded in the walls from all over the world. It is amazing place to visit and I strongly recommend visiting it.

I have an interest in rocks and crystals which goes back to my childhood when I remember looking through my mother's collection of agates that she had gathered on the Oregon coastline. I  remember ordering rocks that would fluoresce under ultraviolet light. 

Rock Altar of Nations at Cathedral of the Pines
I was having a conversation with my friend Betsy Thoms about a geological sites called White Ledges located in nearby Temple, NH. It is an outcropping of white stone which is in stark contrast to our usual granite ledges. The Granite State has plenty of Granite.

Betsy told me about how she had collected stones from all over the world when she traveled with her late husband.I stopped by to see what she had collected in her travels. Neither of us are experts about geology but Betsy had a story about each stone.

Captured in stone, this appears to be a fossilized starfish

This seems to be some type of crystalline structure, almost appears edible

Perhaps a fossilized vertebrate column

Striped and heavy

Flecks of blue and green

Fossiliized shells