Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Architecture of All Saints' Episcopal Church

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Good Sunday Morning,

One of the most striking churches on Concord Street in Peterborough, NH is All Saint's Church. It has the appearance of something one might see in England, and for good reason since the architect Ralph Adams Cram used The Church of St. Mary in Iffley, England as his inspiration.

"Here in Peterborough seems transplanted an ancient England rural Church, but with a difference. Under the hand of the skillful architect, Ralph Adams Cram, the awkwardness of the medieval builders have been avoided such as stuffy and gloomy interiors, illustrated by that of Iffley" - Amy Coburn Lyseth in the American Magazine of Art, September 1926. 

St.Mary the Virgin, Iffley near Oxford, England was constructed in the 1170s

All Saints' Church at 51 Concord Street, Peterborough, NH

Main Entrance

All the iron work was done by Master Craftsman Ralph Koraleswski

Reminds a bit of something that M. C. Escher might have drawn

West view showing the Rose Window of Charles Connick (1875 - 1945) of Boston, MA

View towards Altar