Monday, April 18, 2016

Tick Workshop

Good Morning,

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful weekend. It was a busy one for me with everything from a lecture on blacklegged ticks to Tibetan Monks disassembling their sand mandala, but I'll start with the Tick Workshop.

Dr. Alan Eaton, entomologist at the UNH Extension Service gave an entertaining but frightening workshop on ticks.The workshop was held at the Amazing Flower Farm on Poor Farm Road in New Ipswich, NH. Dr. Eaton brought along a few chilled ticks in a cooler which we could watch under a microscope, along with some preventative devices.

Dr. Eaton has and extensive data sheet about ticks which is available online.

Blacklegged Tick (Deer Tick) - Ixodes scapularis
These are the nasty creatures that carry Lyme Disease
Dr. Eaton discusses  Tick Tubes  a product that has nesting material for mice laced with permethrin
The white faced mouse is a host for ticks and when they gather the nesting material, the insecticide kills the ticks

A Short video of a segment of  Dr, Eaton's Lecture

One simple strategy for preventing ticks from climbing up your leg
All stages of ticks can attach themselves to a host, larval, nymph and adults. Some good news, the dog tick does not carry Lyme disease, only the Blacklegged variety (Deer tick)

The bad news, The Northeast is a hot zone for ticks and the area of blue is  even worse.

Up Close and personal, they look even more scary at 3X

They can't bite through glass