Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Abandoned and Forgotten

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I'm a fan of photographs of abandoned man-made structures. This genre is known as urban exploration. However it often involves personal safety and legality.I don't relish the risk of falling through a rotted floor, being exposed to radiation or being arrested for terrorism or breaking and entering.

This summer I hope to LEGALLY gain access to at least one site and click a few shots of decay and degradation. The holy grail would be an insane asylum or missle silo.

Chernobyl by Jan Møller Hansen on
In Priyat the city next to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Ukraine - photo by Jan Møller Hansen

Industrial sites are always a good subject. This building is Jaffrey, NH

One common theme with these places is peeling paint

Sadly these places are usually targeted by vandals

dual magic by Stefan Baumann on
Sometimes the photos hint of past elegance such as this photo taken by Stefan Baumann in the abandoned Chateau Fachos
believe and dust by Stefan Baumann on
captured in the abandoned Church Santa Rita. (2014) - Stefan Baumann