Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dick Martin Memorial

Dick Martin died on December 10, 2015. Friends and Family gathered at the Windblown Ski Lodge to celebrate his birthday with music.
Martin was the only botanist I ever heard of who took a saxophone in the field. By Day he and Tim would collect furiously, then by night Dick would disappear into the bars and whorehouses of jungle settlements and blow sax till dawn. Sometimes when they were upriver, Martin would wander off and for most of the night Tim would hear soft plaintive music mingling with the haunting sounds of the rain forest. Schultes always referred to Martin as a genius. He often told of an indignant phone call he once received from a colleague complaining that one of his graduate students was doodling through every lecture of an advanced taxonomy class. Schultes looked into the matter and discovered that Martin was taking notes in Japanese.  
Wade Davis, One River
Dick blowing sax at the Mason Homecoming Festival
Photo taken August 29, 2010

Doing field work in the Amazon

Dick Martin

The Easy Over Band

Friends and Family at Windblown Lodge in New Ipswich.NH

Joe on Fiddle

Chet playing drums

Jon on Guitar

Set list for the Easy Over Band